Beam Coffee Table

New from Anchored Elements is this custom handmade large beam coffee table with a custom reclaimed finish and handmade steel legs.

This table is made entirely of 4×6 beams of Doug fir’s, and was treated with a poly acrylic coat that will protect it from any spills that may occur.

It measures 6’4″ x 32″ x 3.75″ and is very heavy weighing in at 175lbs which required custom steel legs be attached to bear the weight.

This piece has a lot of unique texture and angles which will make it a conversation piece for any get together.

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As compared to the common new growth lumber, old growth wood comes with a unique patina and tighter grain, which not only looks better, but is also stronger. No two pieces look exactly the same due to long lives of the individual trees and years spent as pieces of lumber for structures which give the wood a richness and style unlike any average lumber mill product.

Anchored Elements furniture is truly different from other furniture on the market. It is handcrafted using real, solid wood. We do not use any veneers or manufactured, wood-like materials. We customize our furniture in many different ways. Unlike a purchase from a typical retail store, when you buy furniture from us, you know exactly what you are getting – a high quality piece that is unique and will stand the test of time!